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Peter Stephens LTB Workout Video

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Peter Stephens
Name: Peter Stephens
Category: General
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Peter started life as an actor graduating from LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) in the mid 1980’s. Whilst he was successful as an actor and continues to act , the calling to fitness was very strong.

Peter was at the start of the aerobic revolution and was one of the UK’s most prolific Aerobic Competitors, holding the titles of English Open, Dutch Open and English National Champion (representing Great Britain in the European and World Aerobic Championships). He has presented at all of the major Conventions in the UK and was a member of the original Reebok Step display team (responsible for launching the step to the UK).  He also presented the first home workout video on Step and has presented on GMTV, ITV3, BBC, CBBC, Cable TV and been featured in several lifestyle and fitness magazine’s.

We are glad to see has quietened down a bit from those heady days and very proud to have a man of such excellence and standing available to teach on our site.

During the last ten years, Peter has developed a series of behavioral workshops, (BOP,Behavioral and Observational Practice) initially for the fitness industry, but which have actually proven to be successful coaching tools in the corporate sector. Peter now works extensively with some of the worlds largest PR and Marketing Companies in the UK, Europe, Asia and America.

BOP training focuses on individuals personal impact skills and the impact individuals have on an audience/client.  Using theater based drills BOP works on the premise that ‘people buy people’, encouraging an interweaving of life skills with professional dexterity, to achieve optimum results.

  • What drives Peter?

    As an individual I believe that anything and everything we do can have a positive impact on all around us. Being the best is something worth striving to achieve; trying to bring out the best in others is of the highest respect. Fitness is a unique way of touching people, both physically, mentally and spiritually – putting a smile on someone’s face is as valuable as taking a pound off their weight.

  • Why fitness is important to Peter?

    Fitness is of the utmost importance to me as it has played a major role in my life for twenty years. I left Drama school at 14.5 stone and through a mixture of diet, exercise and determination lost several stone. A journey through fitness has allowed me to meet and influence (positively) a lot of people and has opened up many experiences for me also.

  • Peter’s tips

    * Work to your own limits and do not compete with others
    * Take part in exercise you enjoy and either join a class or find an exercise buddy to help motivate you
    * Drink plenty of water and stretch

  • Proudest moment

    Representing Britain in the World aerobic Championships, Being a successful actor, my business BOP Training


Enjoy Peter's Legs, Tums & Bums online fitness video, which does exactly what it says it will do on the tin!!

This exercise workout class has a simple warm up to get the juices flowing and then you're into lots of squats and leg rises to tone up all those wobbly parts. Peter's friendly teaching style will warm your heart whilst his exercises will warm up those muscles and leave a long lasting glow!

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  • Sandrine Meier

    Sandrine Meier

    Hi from Switzerland ! Thank you Peter for the most fun workout ever !

    25 November 2012 18:13