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Mel Kay Irish Dance

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 17 May 2018 Workout:
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Melanie Kay
Name: Melanie Kay
Category: Dance
Search: Int, World, Irish, 50 Min


Mel is a professional dancer and has had extensive training in all the major dance disciplines. She started dancing as a little girl with ballet and progressing through to contemporary, jazz, street and (as you will see on the site) Irish dancing. We think there is no dance style that Mel cannot do and realise that this skill is as a result of hours and hours of training.

She is a female Billy Elliot as she says “the way I feel when I am dancing is like nothing else”.

We are so happy that we can bring you teachers who have this level of commitment to their chosen areas. As Mel points out, the job of a professional dancer is full of rejections and one has to be internally very strong to cope with that. Mel’s strength has clearly stood her in good stead as she has performed with the likes of Robbie Williams and the Osmond’s and worked extensively in the States.

In between performances Mel works as a dance teacher at prestigious schools in the London area and health clubs in the Croyden area.

  • Mel’s tips

    * Find a sport or exercise you enjoy, you will find it easier to stick to.
    * Join a team or get an exercise partner, you wont want to let them down and it will help to keep you motivated.
    * Smile.

  • Proudest moment

    Performing with Robbie Williams


In this video we bring you this unique opportunity to combine learning Irish dancing with a great workout. This fun and lively exercise class is suitable for everyone but you will need an intermediate level of fitness, as it is quite energetic.

We love the authentic music, the enthusiasm and of course, we love Mel!!

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  • Andrea Dimmick

    Andrea Dimmick

    Realy enjoying the dance classes,I allways wished I'd not given up dance in my early 20s,[now 46] at least on here we get our own private lessons.

    05 December 2011 10:23