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Hannah Mi Modern Fusion Belly Dance

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Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 21 May 2018 Workout:
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Hannah Mi
Name: Hannah Mi
Category: Dance
Search: Beg, World, Belly Dance, 60 Min


Hannah began dancing in Japan. She performed throughout Tokyo as an original member of the dance troupe Samanyolu, a professional oriental and fusion belly dance ensemble produced by Mishaal. Since moving to London in 2003 she has been touring with Oojami throughout Europe and the Middle East.

In London Hannah has also collaborated with Dajjah (DJ), dancing at live shows, and formed Anarkali, a tribal fusion belly dance troupe. She performs as a resident solo dancer in the renowned nightclub 'Darbucka', and specializes in Egyptian and Turkish Cabaret, Tribal fusion, Turkish Romani, the Sword, Whirling and the Sacred.  Highlights of her career include performing at the Royal Albert hall, Moroccan fashion show for London fashion week at the Victoria and Albert Museum, the production ‘Faring’ in collaboration with The Circus Space, dancing at Glastonbury and for the Arab Cinema weekend opening at BAFTA.

She gains inspiration from her mentors and feels complete happiness when she dances. She hopes that through her teaching she can inspire others to gain that feeling, confidence and happiness within. 

She has noted that whilst belly dance can be seen predominantly as an art form, it is clear how much these type of classes effects every student’s health and in turn their feelings of positivity.  For Hannah, fitness is of utmost importance as it creates a feeling of strength and health within your body, "fitness gives confidence, inner strength and an overall feeling of well being".

Hannah teaches at prestigious health clubs in central London.

  • Hannah’s tips

    * Always take care to warm up and cool down. You only have one body so treat it with respect.
    * Find some music that you love and truly listen to it while you are dancing and exercising. It will help you to put more feeling into your moves and practice.
    * Many dancers find it helps to put a coin belt or scarf around their hips to accentuate and help you feel where you are meant to move

  • Proudest moment

    Performing at the Royal Albert Hall


We know you will enjoy learning this wonderful dance form in this workout video from Hannah.

The moves are broken down to form an easy learning curve, but still give you a beg level work out.

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  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    I've just done the belly dancing warm-up and this 1 hour session,it's my 2nd time trying it and it was much easier doing the moves this time around and when all the choreography is put together at the end for a final dance to the music,it feels incredible-it's a beautiful dance. If anyone tries it I really recommend giving it a couple of goes to get the moves down as it's really nice and an achievemnt at the end when it's all put together. 10/10 for this class!!

    28 February 2012 03:30

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Fab class...10/10. Hannah teaches it very well. It's such a fluid and graceful dance (and sexy too!!) I'm looking forward to the next time. xx :)

    14 February 2012 18:29