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John Shehan Intermediate Hi Lo Workout

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Views: 2,826 Duration: 00:38
Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 17 Mar 2018 Workout:
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John Shehan
Name: John Shehan
Category: General
Search: Int, Hi Lo, Aerobic, 40 Min


John is a major international presenter, so we are truly honoured that he has come on board with us. He works and presents for leading industry companies, such as, Fit-Pro, Canfitpro, Multitrax and Fit Fantastic. He is also a sponsored presenter with Jumpy Bumpy (a company specialising in education for the fitness industry).

Whilst it has taken many years for John to become such an advanced and skilful choreographer, he can remember how hard choreography can be for those just wanting to have a fun work-out, and it is testament to his skill that he can teach beginners with the same charm and care as his most advanced classes.

John is motivated by seeing you achieve your goals, however big or small, so please, let him make a difference to you, join in with his workout videos (just make sure you choose the appropriate level).

  • John’s tips

    * There is no quick fix to being fit and healthy; it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet.
    * Exercise should be fun. You will have to try many different forms of exercise until you find the one that suits you best, then it becomes addictive.
    * Get plenty of sleep.

  • Proudest moments

    Winning “International Presenter of the year 2007” in Toronto, Canada, being the trainer/expert/presenter for the TV show Fat Families, having the respect of my peers and being thought of as a leading International Presenter.


Let John take you through an intermediate level Hi Lo online workout video. This master of choreography is a cheeky chappy so enjoy his exercise routine, and also burn a few calories at the same time!!!

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  • Manuela Moroni

    Manuela Moroni

    I really love his aerobics style! Please some more from him! Thank you.

    12 April 2012 18:34

  • Allison Womack

    Allison Womack

    Definitely didn't feel like working out this morning. This was perfect, though. Not too challenging, yet it was fun, easy to follow and got me moving. I love John's wit ... keeps me chuckling throughout. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be ready to get a serious sweat on!

    27 December 2011 17:25

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Andrea, thank you so much for writing in. As such a great fan, next time you are in the UK why not contact us and come in for a chat. I would love love to meet such a serious aerobic fan!!! Do you teach classes? LC FD

    11 March 2010 04:44

  • Andrea Kneeland

    Andrea Kneeland

    What you say in your Tips, John, is True True True ... 'Exercise should be fun. You will have to try many different forms of exercise until you find the one that suits you best, then it becomes addictive.'10 years ago I discovered Step and toning aerobics (I was 49 years old!). Now I do 8 hours of serious aerobics classes weekly. I am an addicted, happy and healthy lady. My heart is strong and the arms are toned!I enjoy your routines, John, and shamelessly steal bits and pieces to help build up my own routine from time to time. The music on the Power Music comes in handy - e.g. Piece of Me makes for a great warmup. I am also a fan of Lucy Case's videos. Next time I make it to England (I live in Canada) I hope to attend one of your classes. Andrea Kneeland

    11 February 2010 07:56

  • Helena Stirling

    Helena Stirling

    Fabulous way to start the day - great to wake up to you John! Feel energised and positive!

    30 December 2008 08:51