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Annabel Zambakides Salutation to the Sun

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 24 Apr 2018 Workout:
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Annabel Zambakides
Name: Annabel Zambakides
Category: Breathe
Search: Int, Yoga, 30 Min


Annabel's journey into yoga began 18 years ago when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She discovered a deep sense of stillness and presence during and after the practice.

She has studied many styles of yoga and worked with the world's top teachers over the years, to create her own unique style.

Annabel fuses vinyasa krama with alignment enabling the breath to flow through 'stuck' patterns of tension movement and thought. She believes in building strength and flexibility together reshaping the body and mind.

Practice yoga with respect, intelligence and mindfulness, acknowledge the space and stillness. Let the breath be your guide and your greatest teacher.


Stretch, tone and re energise your body with Annabel. A yoga class that works and stretches you entirely. Flowing moves invigorate the mind and body in preparation for the day ahead.

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