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Desiree Rooker Body Blitz Workout Video

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Desiree Rooker
Name: Desiree Rooker
Category: General
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Desiree was born in South Africa and studied for a Diploma in Gymnasium Management at the University of Pretoria. She is a qualified Personal Trainer and Aerobics/Gym Instructor and has been teaching for nearly 14 years.

She is passionate about what she does, and enjoys teaching a variety of classes such as freestyle Aerobics, Circuits, Step, Spin and Body Conditioning, combining this with expertise in 4 of the Les Mills Body Training System Programmes.

Her inspiration comes from wanting to feel healthy, fit and energetic, and as a child she enjoyed participating in any outdoor sport. Hockey, cycling and running being her favourite sports at that age.

She has competed in the South African and World Aerobic Sport Championships and has won a number of medals.

Desiree gets an enormous buzz from training, and seeing how exercise can change peoples bodies and attitudes. Setting achievable goals is important and she believes in having a good balance with food and rest as part of the process.

The greatest achievement for Desiree is having two healthy and happy children, and the whole family enjoy being active and learning different sports.

  • Desiree’s tips

    * Try different workouts and classes to find what you enjoy
    * Work hard at achieving set goals
    * It is possible to change the way you look and feel
    * Exercise is FUN!!!


A great intense, all over body workout that will definitely tone you up and lose some inches at the same time. Easy to follow with some great and precise instruction by Desiree.

Suitable for all levels of participants who enjoy a challenging workout.

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