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Ladan Soltani Fit Toned Legs and Bum

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 21 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Ladan Soltani
Name: Ladan Soltani
Category: General
Search: Beg, Toning, LTB, 30 Min


Ladan joins us as one of our busiest Fitness Presenters having notched up certification in numerous skills over a 20 year period. She still looks 20 years old to us, so what ever she is doing right, we are sure you will want some of it too.

Ladan has always loved dance and trained as a dancer before moving into fitness and personal training. She is based in West London and has worked in most of the prestigious clubs in the area. Known for her energy and exhubarant nature Ladan has wowed many participants with her fun and easy to follow routines.

She enjoys the group classes as it brings out the performer in her but she relishes working one-to-one as a personal trainer as her caring and skill gets a chance to shine as she is able to help other reach their goals and potential.

Ladan is currently enjoying presenting in many different formants from web through to TV and hopes to be successful in all areas of her career. We hope so too Ladan!!!

  • What drives Ladan?

    Living ones life according to a whole fitness lifestyle drives me to achieve my dreams.

  • Why fitness is important to Ladan?

    I believe that by investing in your health you are investing in your own life.

  • Ladan’s fitness tips

    * Be happy and pure in your mind
    * Visualize the results you want whilst you are training
    * Practice what you preach


This is the second in the series of Ladan's legs and bum workout. It again just focuses on those problem areas but with a change in exercises and the way in which we target the muscles. If you're looking for shape and tone, get started straight away.

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  • Wendy Hemmingsley

    Wendy Hemmingsley

    lol ok will do :) by the way your fabulous fitness at 40 dvd is fab!!!

    21 March 2012 10:32

  • Ladan Soltani

    Ladan Soltani

    Hi Wendy, ooops, tut tut- what was I thinking!? Please don't follow the teacher on that one! However, please do balance your inner thighs and do it on your own, even if i haven't... :-)

    19 March 2012 05:02

  • Wendy Hemmingsley

    Wendy Hemmingsley

    hi ladan as always excellent workout, only one negative, u only work one side of the inner thighs and not the other.

    18 March 2012 02:17