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Pierre Pozzuto Abs Workout Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 24 Apr 2018 Workout:
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Pierre Pozzuto
Name: Pierre Pozzuto
Category: Short Workouts
Search: Int, Core, Abs, 20 Min, Free


Pierre grew up naturally feeling a need and desire to exercise. He can remember at 6 years old getting up in the morning to do 20 press ups and sit ups all just because “it just felt right”. The call of fitness has always been powerful for this dedicated professional athlete who brings you years of expertise and passion in a number of disciplines.

At 11 Pierre started karate and perused this with vigour until at the ripe old age of 13 he became National Shotoka champion and a black belt 2nd Dan. Having excelled in karate Pierre discovered a new passion which was to consume his life, that passion was step. He committed many hours to perfecting his step technique and then moved into the arena of general fitness qualifying as one of the youngest teachers in the UK at just 16.

A career in Presenting blossomed from there as the shy lad of yesterday was replaced by a more confident young man, the years of athleticism have paid off, although on the site Pierre’s choreography is quite tame, he has the skill of a trained dancer and his performance step routines are absolutely staggering.

He now works regularly as an international presenter and also for gym box, fitness fx, jumpy bumpy,, fit fantastic, fit camps, fit pro, fitness fiesta and of course us.

  • What drives Pierre?

    Pierre is driven by a desire to make people feel great through his extensive knowledge of fitness. However, let us not forget that knowing fitness is one thing, inspiring others is another, Pierre’s open and charismatic style really engages with his audience. He puts this down to his “energy and love for health, fitness and music”.

  • Why fitness is important to Pierre?

    Without it I wouldn’t be who and where I am today. A strong body makes a strong mind.

  • Pierre’s tips

    * Water is the magic fluid, drink it every couple of hours!!
    * Vitamin C is under rated, consume a little more than recommended because if the body doesn’t need it, it will discharge it.
    * The best time to burn body fat is first thing in the morning before breakfast.

  • Proudest moment

    BSc, my new business Fit Fantastic, appearing on Deal or No Deal and being a National Shotokan champion at 13.


We all love great abs and Pierre knows the quickest way to get those abdominals looking great with this short workout.


Pizzicato - Instrumental

Mind Free - Instrumental

Chance - Instrumental

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Louise Elvin

    Louise Elvin

    you are just the greatest Pierre! love all your workouts .

    30 August 2015 16:08

  • Sarah Best

    Sarah Best

    Such a friendly face to have in my living-room in the morning. Major ab it!

    04 August 2012 11:14

  • Giulia Pro

    Giulia Pro

    Love your energy! Thank you for the great workout!

    28 July 2012 18:43

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    A brilliant Abs workout! Thanx for including and working all the ab muscles-and yes I really did feel it! Thank you

    23 February 2012 16:30

  • Matt Belshaw

    Matt Belshaw

    Great workout Pierre, It had been a long time since I'd really done any ab work, just getting back into fitness, but managed to do the whole ten minutes first try, and after gradually easing myself back into it I now do it 5 days a week. Could probably do it on my rest days as well but will stick to 5 a week for now. Love the side bends, as they are great for working out the obliques, whilst still keeping the Abs pumping. And most importantly the workout doesn't hamper the rest of my workout such as dumbell training for the upper body. I really look forward to your next vid, hope that we see some advanced Ab stuff from you soon.

    16 January 2012 18:57