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Karen Stone Pre Natal Workout Video

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Views: 1,673 Duration: 00:28
Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 21 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Karen Stone
Name: Karen Stone
Category: Maternity
Search: Beg, Pre Natal, 30 Min


Karen brings her blend of yoga and stretch to help those Mum's to be cope with carrying baby.

Its important that you listen carefully to your body, make sure you listen to your breath and don't get too warm. If you are starting to break a sweat, stop take it easy, and then come back to the exercise.

But relax, take it slow, and enjoy.

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  • gita newth

    gita newth

    I've been following this video throughout my pregnancy - it really helps me to get rid of the stresses of the day and tune in with my baby. A really easy to follow work out.

    28 October 2011 13:50