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Tara Cody Legs Tums And Bums Video

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Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 25 Apr 2018 Workout:
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Tara Cody
Name: Tara Cody
Category: General
Search: Beg, LTB, 50 Min


Tara has always loved performance and as a teenager wanted to become a professional dancer. Her first job was teaching singing classes to children at a Saturday Theatre school. She found she really loved doing this and has continued with the same national company in every location she has moved to and still teaches in one today.

Tara loves helping others and is highly motivated to give everyone her best. She is always on the lookout for new ideas so she can bring an on-going and fresh passion to everything she does. Tara likes to meet people and create specific ways to help them get to where they want to go.

She thrives on being active, and loves her range of jobs because they all entail being very enthusiastic and working with people. She loves food – so keeping fit enables her to enjoy her food even more!

  • Tara's tips

    * Every time you are not sure about whether to do your exercise or not, just do it! You will always feel better after it
    * To make fitness part of your lifestyle - schedule it in
    * Choose the kind of exercise that you both find fun and works best for you

  • Proudest moments

    Receiving 3 awards for documentary films. Setting up and running a Children’s entertaining company - Funky Monkey Parties


Tara's legs, tums and bums is a perfect class for those of you beginning to get the hang of beginner exercise and who would now like to get a little body toning into your workout.

This is another video in our mid life exercise series in support of the Change4Life movement, but is suitable for all ages.

However, fitness is only part of what we need you to do, the best way to prevent rising levels of fat in the body is by being vigilant about both diet and physical activity levels.

We all want to feel healthy and trim, but no-one wants to deprive themselves of all the things they love drinking, eating and doing. In fact, cutting out the things we love often means we don't keep up the changes we make for very long - so any good work we do is easily undone later on. One of the best ways to be healthy is to make some swaps and build them into your life for the long term. The more you do, the better you'll feel - and you won't have to say 'no' to everything.

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It's The Same Old Song - Four Tops*

Way You Do The Things You Do - The Temptations*

Rock UR Baby - KC & The Sunshine Band*

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate*

Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye) - The Pioneers*

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - Leo Sayer*

A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Vs. JXL*

Cuba - Gibson Brothers*

More Than Words - Extreme*

Rescue Me - Fontella Bass*

Bend Me - Shape Me - American Breed*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Tara Cody

    Tara Cody

    Thank you Anna!Glad you enjoyed it Nicole : )Ache in a good way i hope April!Tara

    17 May 2011 17:21

  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock

    Welcome Tara and good first video, really liked it and like how you taught your routine. Welcome aboard. AL

    11 March 2011 19:15