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Sasha Knox Bike Fitness Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 20 May 2018 Workout:
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Sasha Knox
Name: Sasha Knox
Category: Sports
Search: Int, Cardio, Bike, 50 Min


We are very excited to welcome Sasha into the fold. Sasha brings great experience as a Personal trainer and outdoor trainer to our site. She hails from Australia where fitness and outdoor activity is much more normal and accessible. Her success here is in part her lovely nature and in part her thorough knowledge of what makes people tick and how best to motivate them.

She admits to being a trainer who “thinks outside the box” and enjoys making her workouts different and dynamic.” I like to keep both my classes and my clients guessing about what’s coming up next!”

Well her techniques work as among the many successes she has in her portfolio are clients who; lost 30kg; completed their first marathon; trekked the Himalayas; competed in triathlons; undertook an extreme skiing adventure and many who have simply fitted into an old pair of jeans or have been able to carry two bags of cement from their car to their garden

Sasha tends to view success a little differently to most people. “Instead of success being a mountain top that only a few people get to reach, I think of it as a mountain ridge with lots of room for lots of people. My job, as a trainer is to try and get as many people as possible on to that ridge. In fact, the more people on that ridge, the more successful we all are together.” Great words from a great trainer!

  • What drives Sasha?

    "I genuinely enjoy helping people and I absolutely LOVE what I do. When you love doing something, you naturally want to be the very best that you can be. I am a huge believer in continuous perpetual improvement and I am always looking for ways to grow as a communicator, a coach and a trainer. I love, and actively encourage, feedback from my clients and my classes and I'm currently studying a diploma in Sports Psychology."

  • Why fitness is important to Sasha?

    “Fitness is a way of life. It’s something I don’t question – like breathing or my heart beating. There is a huge sense of personal power in feeling comfortable in your skin and knowing you are strong and capable. It can be easy to forget that our bodies were designed to move. We weren’t designed to spend all of our time in front of a desk or the TV or behind the wheel of a car. Every time we do move, we’re doing what we are meant to be doing – fulfilling our body’s destiny, if you like! “

  • Sasha’s tips

    * Be consistent. It’s pointless exercising 7 times one week, 2 times the next week, 1 time the week after and then 5 times the week after that. Find a routine that is realistic and stick to it. No matter what. No excuses.
    * Be consistent. Fitness is not just about quality exercising but also about quality nutrition. Absolutely everything you eat counts. You don’t run a luxury car on budget fuel, so why would you try and do that to your own body?
    * Be consistent. Be consistent in challenging yourself. Don’t do the same thing over and over and then expect to get something different as the outcome. Our bodies are amazing machines and we adapt very quickly...surprise your body with something new!
    * Did I mention that you need to be consistent about being consistent????

  • Proudest moment

    Launching my own business essentiallyFit


Sasha's new to us, but not new to working people hard. So join her in this stationary bike fitness class video as she makes you workout.

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  • Jef Cavens Cavens

    Jef Cavens Cavens

    Good session, but I think it would be better if you would indicate the beginning and ending of the 'sprints' with 5 4 3 2 1 etc... sounds stupid, but for me it really works.Thx. Jef

    05 January 2012 15:26

  • Sasha Knox

    Sasha Knox

    Thanks Jessica - so glad you're enjoying it!It's fabulous that you've really grasped the idea of challenging yourself - it's all too easy to fall into the trap of doing the same 'comfortable' thing over and over again.To my mind, technique is the most important thing - it keeps you safe, it keeps you efficient and (esp. in something like Body Sculpt) it keeps you working the muscles that you think you're working!Keep up the great work!!

    28 July 2011 01:27

  • Jessica Taplin

    Jessica Taplin

    Have done this three times now over the last couple of weeks, really enjoyed and a great challenge to keep adding on the resistance! Really good clear instruction on technique as there is in the body sculpt class. Thanks Sasha!

    26 July 2011 22:42

  • Jackie Diss

    Jackie Diss

    Welcome to sasha, grt session, site looking very strong. JD

    01 February 2011 21:42