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Tasmine Magloire Fight Fit Workout Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 25 Apr 2018 Workout:
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Tasmine Magloire
Name: Tasmine Magloire
Category: Sports
Search: Int, Combat, 30 Min


We are pleased to welcome Tasmine to the team and hope you will enjoy her style of teaching which is fresh, lively and physical. Tasmine is a dynamic, energetic character with a no holds barred approach to fitness and dance and believes this to be as a result of her own training in many different disciplines.

Tasmine does not believe you should limit yourself to one form of expression and has perused to high levels not only Martial Arts but lots of different dance styles as well.

She is popular in local west London clubs for her Dance Hall style fitness (which we will bring you soon) and also her kids’ style dance classes which combine basic martial art skills and drill with fun and funky street moves.

Tasmine is a dancer who can think on her feet, hear a tune and create a move to go with it, so teenagers love her spontaneity and energy. She has been a dancer as long as she can remember, dancing at a local school from age nine and attending the Brits Performance Arts School in her late teens.She is also a competition level brown belt in Shotakan and hascompeted successfully in couny and regional competitions.

She decided to become an exercise teacher following the birth of her daughter as she realised she could combine motherhood with her desire to help others reach their goals but more importantly she could develop her own style of dance-fitness to offer the world!!!

  • What drives Tasmine?

    “I’m very focused on bringing dance and fitness to all sorts of people through new and innovative formats. My love for dance and fitness inspires me. I believe we should all love what we do and do what we love.”

  • Why fitness is important to Tasmine?

    “Exercise and activity keeps me happy and is a great way to relieve stress. Keeping fit is a necessity and a social activity for me.”

  • Tasmine’s fitness tips

    * Always keep stomach pulled in when engaging in any exercise or dance.
    * Faster is not always better.
    * When the going gets tough remind yourself why you made the effort in the first place.

  • Proudest moments

    My daughter, becoming a black belt and setting up my own fitness brand


Tasmine brings us a short sharp punchy fight fit workout.

Tasmine throws her all into this workout so be prepared to get more than a little warm and enjoy this high intensity fitness workout class.

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Push Up Word Up - Freestylers

Boom Selection '08 - Genius Cru

Day N Nite - Kid Cudi vs Crookers

Love Shy (Thinking About You) - Platnum

You Wot! - DJ Q Feat. MC Bonez

The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) - Divine Inspiration

Empire State Of Mind (Street Mix) - Jay Z Feat. Alicia Keys*

Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Nilo Khan

    Nilo Khan

    Loved this Tasmine! I'm a fitness instructor myself. Would love to have the enthusiasm and energy you display. You hardly need the music, and that is great to see. you bring the energy yourself and let music help it. I also like Pierre' s classes.Would love to see more of your classes.

    16 April 2012 02:50

  • Allison Womack

    Allison Womack

    Just turned 49 yesterday and decided to try some different cardio. My kicks weren't as high and my squats not as low, but I persevered through the entire workout. Will do this one again. Thanks Tasmine!

    01 January 2012 04:25

  • Joanna Kellond

    Joanna Kellond

    I liked this a lot, Tasmine is a great instructor and the class is fun to do. Any chance we could have a similar class, but longer and with a bit more cardio? Also the ab section is great, nice moves!

    03 August 2011 17:58

  • Tasmine Magloire

    Tasmine Magloire

    Hi Issabelle! Glad you enjoyed the workout! Well yes. I trained in shotokan Karate for around 15yrs! I am also a dancer so my kicks arent even as high as they should be but im still working on it!For now just take the workout at your own pace, do what you can. You will definitley see an improvement if you stay commited! In the mean time Im sure I can conjour up a workout more suitable for begginers! Watch this space!!!Keep up the good work!

    24 March 2011 01:31

  • Pierre Pozzuto

    Pierre Pozzuto

    Tough chick, like this alot P

    17 January 2011 07:11

  • Sphinx Patterson

    Sphinx Patterson

    Awesome workout, kick ass or what? Energy master

    08 January 2011 09:10