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Melissa Pina Belly Dance Hip Hop Workout

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 21 Feb 2018 Workout:
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Melissa Pina
Name: Melissa Pina
Category: Dance
Search: Int, World, Belly Dance, 40 Min


We are delighted to introduce Melissa to the ThinQ Fitness Team and crazy about her unique belly dancing sessions. Melissa has taken her time finding out specifically what she wanted to teach, she started out as a gym instructor and personal trainer and by her own admission was shy and nervous of teaching large groups of people.

In her early 20’s she discovered BTS and began teaching their classes which developed her teaching ability and confidence. All the while she was attending dance classes and trying to connect with what she felt to be her “subject”.

She discovered belly dancing by chance and knew immediately she had “found the thing she was destined to do.” She applied herself with such passion that her name quickly spread and the requests to teach came pouring in.

The rest as they say is history, Melissa teaches in the most sought after studios in and around London the following styles: Belly dance, Tribal, Brazilian Belly Dance Samba, Belly Dance Hip hop.

She has written and choreographed a Belly Dance Fusions theatre show that was performed at the Unicorn Theatre, London to fantastic reviews.

Melissa has appeared on BBC2's Strictly Come Dancing, It Takes 2 and BBC3’s Don't Tell the Bride, in music videos – including for Dboy and Des-c, Punjabi MC - at the Urban Music Awards, Asian Music Awards, Zee Cine awards & Nike. She has also featured in a hip-hop fitness DVD, 'Hip Hop Body' and danced for Alabina Ishtar.

She says "you see, with hard work, dreams really can come true".

  • What Drives Melissa?

    Melissa has always loved to dance, but feels "passion for what I do is my ultimate driving force!" having worked in many different area of fitness and dance, we were curious to know why belly dancing became Melissa's focus? "For me it is was the combination of the way the body moves in belly dancing, it is sensual without being in your face provocative, it is music and movement in harmony and is beautiful to see and do".

  • Why Fitness is Important to Melissa?

    Being functionally fit means I can live as I want to live, fitness is the by product of being happy, active and fulfilled, it is not fitness without a connection to the wider meaning of life.

    Melissa's Tips:

    * Find something you feel a connection with
    * Find something you can see yourself improving in
    * Find something that when you do it, you lose yourself in it

  • Proudest Moment

    Performing in a West End theatre production, launching my own belly dancing school.


We are very pleased to have Melissa and the ladies here to help us all have fun with a great Belly Dance workout video.

From left to right, as you look at the video, the names of everyone here to help you have some fun with the Belly Dance class are

Cristina Suarez

Marsha Ramlogan

Melissa Pina

Gillian Neil

Kaneen Morgan

Don't forget that we also have Hannah Mi's Belly dance classes that give a good introduction to the moves if you need a little practice.

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    Loved this routine! It so much fun but still an excellent workout! I have ACL problems so this works perfectly for me: moderate impact but high energy !

    I have all of her workouts, it just what I needed! :D

    10 October 2012 19:39

  • Melissa Pina

    Melissa Pina

    Thanks for all the comments!Andrea?Yes I am at the Vitality show this year Fri-Sun teaching and performing - See you there!

    26 January 2012 19:43

  • Andrea Dimmick

    Andrea Dimmick

    How can fitness be so much fun? I'm now searching for Belly dance classes locally,thank you so much Melissa. Will you be attending the Vitatality show in London March, would love to meet you..

    07 November 2011 13:36

  • Rosie Mellor

    Rosie Mellor

    I had so much fun doing this routine. Melissa is a great teacher and a good motivator. Please can we have some more?!! Thanks

    20 July 2011 06:11

  • Tasmine Magloire

    Tasmine Magloire


    31 January 2011 18:57

  • Pierre Pozzuto

    Pierre Pozzuto

    Can I join in next time the girls shoot please :) P

    16 January 2011 04:25

  • Sphinx Patterson

    Sphinx Patterson

    Gorgeous girls and great routine. Energy Master is HAPPY

    09 January 2011 11:55