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Mila Lazaravic Rebounder Trampoline Workout

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Competency: Advanced Last Viewed: 21 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Mila Lazaravic
Name: Mila Lazaravic
Category: General
Search: Adv, Aerobics, Rebounder, 50 Min


Mila is an experienced and skilled street dance teacher and presents at conventions sporting events. She values her dancing and contribution to the world of fitness even more so as she was ill as a child and unable to dance. However, gentle exercises helped her to build up strength and endurance and from here she was able to take up dancing as a serious hobby, and the rest as they say, is history.

Having been classically trained in most forms of dance has made Mila a performer to watch out for as she regularly appears in DVDs and dance videos.

Mila is driven by the fact that she loves what she does and likes the challenge of learning complex, new choreography but also get huge satisfaction from helping others take their first steps be it in dance or in general exercise classes.

"Fitness makes me feel strong, healthy and more alive".

  • Mila's tips

    * Never force anything. Take your time and if you are not in the mood don’t force yourself to work out.
    * Have fun with exercise and if you love it, don’t give in.
    * Get the right balance between cardio, toning, stretching, dancing and relaxing

  • Proudest moments

    Presenter of the year 2006, Presenting at Urban Underground, Presenting on Sports Channel, Warming up 8,000 people at the BUPA 10k Marathon 2006


Mila's online rebounder exercise videos are a great way to tone up. This is a low impact workout on the joints, but high intensity and quite fast, with some tricky dance moves thrown in. great for toning thighs, gluts and abs.

Mila has several rebounder workout classes on the site so please pick the one that is right for you.

Please note this is an advanced rebounder workout class, please ensure you have tried the intermediate classes first to get the fel for mini trampoline workouts.

Sample Video

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  • Sophie Davis

    Sophie Davis

    Isabelle, we sell two types on the site, the Reebok and Fitness-Mad rebounders. The Fitness-Mad rebounder is larger but both are perfect for the classes on the site. Sophie

    16 May 2011 14:36