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Lucy Case Fit Fifties Workout Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 19 May 2018 Workout:
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Lucy Case
Name: Lucy Case
Category: Health
Search: Health, Fit Fifties, Int, 50 Min


Lucy taught her first classes, when she was in her late teens, for college students whilst dancing as a hobby at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. However, she rejected a career in fitness, in favour of an artistic career and went on to become an animator and graphic designer for TV. It was only later in life that she finally came back to dance and fitness, qualified as a teacher and then as a Personal Trainer. She now runs her own successful business the Body Fitness Company.

Lucy is passionate about dance and fitness and believes strongly that it should be accessible to everyone.

  • Lucy's tips

    * Don’t spend hours in the gym working half-heartedly; work for shorter periods but at a higher intensity.
    * Every morning do 25 press-ups, 50 curls, 50 reverse curls and 60 oblique twists, whatever else happens that day, you will know you have done your abs!!!
    * Avoid all white flour foods.

  • Proudest moment

    MA (RCA), BA Hons (Middlesex Polytechnic), Director The Body Fitness Company, my four children.


This simple, fun workout video involves aerobic moves linked together in a repetitive way to create a contant raise in the heart beat. This is then followed by some floor, toning work to strengthen and encourage muscle tone.

Although originally designed for our Fit Fifties clients this tough workout will challenge anyone fitness, from 20 to 60, quite impressively.

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  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Caroline, I am so pleased this worked for you and yes, your fitness levels will have improved so you will be able to cope with an intermediate workout. We are all so proud of you!!! Keep up the good work!

    22 September 2011 21:47

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    That was a great workout! Brilliant. In the past,every time I had seen the 'Intermidiate' label,I had always shyed away from those classes. But I gave this one a go,yes ok I know it's aimed at 50's-I'm 15 years away,does that count?? but I made it right through to the end and I am so pleased with myself! I now feel a little cocky and will go for another 'Int',carefully chosen,class again. I loved it to be honest,thank you so much Lucy xx

    18 September 2011 10:47

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Allison, thank you for great feed back and so glad you are enjoying the sessions. LC

    24 February 2011 04:44

  • Allison Womack

    Allison Womack

    Lucy - all I can say is, I love you and all your classes! You're a breath of fresh air every morning. I especially love this class for it's simplicity yet a lot of good cardio and toning. Keep doing what you do!

    20 January 2011 15:26