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Lucy Case First High BMI Workout

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Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 20 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Lucy Case
Name: Lucy Case
Category: High BMI
Search: High BMI, Beg, 40 Min


Lucy taught her first classes, when she was in her late teens, for college students whilst dancing as a hobby at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. However, she rejected a career in fitness, in favour of an artistic career and went on to become an animator and graphic designer for TV. It was only later in life that she finally came back to dance and fitness, qualified as a teacher and then as a Personal Trainer. She now runs her own successful business the Body Fitness Company.

Lucy is passionate about dance and fitness and believes strongly that it should be accessible to everyone.

  • Lucy's tips

    * Don’t spend hours in the gym working half-heartedly; work for shorter periods but at a higher intensity.
    * Every morning do 25 press-ups, 50 curls, 50 reverse curls and 60 oblique twists, whatever else happens that day, you will know you have done your abs!!!
    * Avoid all white flour foods.

  • Proudest moment

    MA (RCA), BA Hons (Middlesex Polytechnic), Director The Body Fitness Company, my four children.


Lucy is a personal trainer and works with a number of larger clients. Her specially designed Hi BMI workout video offers our larger clients a chance to have a wee shake and bop, learn a few moves used in the exercise, enjoy some music, improve their fitness and be moderatly active.

If new to us, Lucy would like you to do the Introduction to Fitness videos. This way we can work with you in ensuring your safty and wellbeing.

As with all classes in our Health Section we do ask that you just check with your GP that this is suitable for you.

Sample Video

A short video showing a sample of the full length exercise workout. If you like the look of this sample fitness video then register and pay-per-view, by clicking on the rent button that appears once you have registered, or join as a member and have full access to all of the fitness workout videos. All advertisements disappear once you rent the video or pay for membership.

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New Soul (Calimocho Remix) - Yael Naim*

Superstar (Ronnie Maze Club Mix Edit) - Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos*

American Boy (Davidson Ospina Remix) - Kanye West & Estelle*

Touch My Body (Dance Mix) - Mariah Carey*

Bleeding Love (Davidson Ospina Remix) - Leona Lewis*

Right Now Baby - Jibe Project*

Break The Ice (Ronnie Maze Dance Mix) - Britney Spears*

Forever (Ronnie Maze Remix) - Chris Brown*

4 Minutes (Ronnie Maze Club Mix) - Madonna Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Well done Debbie, its so good to hear your doing so well. It is a long journey but its the journey to health so a very worth while one. keep us updated, kind regards Lucy Case

    13 July 2011 13:41

  • Debbie Taylor

    Debbie Taylor

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to give an update of my progress. I've lost 17 lb since joining and I highly recommend this workout for anyone with a high BMI, it really does the job. I have a long way to go yet but this has really helped to get me focused. I've bought a step but that's a lot harder at the moment but it will get used. I also cycle for 20 mins every day. I've not been on here for a few days due to illness but I'm back now and loving it.

    10 July 2011 05:25

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Debbie, I am so glad you are enjoying the workout, thats exactly what this is all about. If you enjoy it, you will do it. Listen to your own body, as Caroline says below, you should start to feel that you can do more, then have a look at some of the other beginner workouts. There is no right length of time, just what feels right for you. LC

    04 June 2011 13:22

  • Debbie Taylor

    Debbie Taylor

    I love this work out Lucy, it's just right for me and I'm doing this one daily at the moment. How long do you think I should keep to this one before moving on to something more demanding?

    03 June 2011 10:37

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Great Poppy, tell your friends and lets get dancing!!!! LC FD

    20 May 2010 11:05

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Yes, its official....your getting fitter!!!! LC

    20 February 2009 18:11

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Wow-I have had a strange workout in that I found this class so much easier than when I first done it after Intro fit. Does this mean I am getting fitter?? I am a little surprised so I hope it wasn't a fluke and that I am truthfully becoming stronger and fitter. Time will tell! Have a fab day.Caroline

    14 February 2009 01:40

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hi, just a small comment I want to make on the difference in doing this workout from Pre-Intro Fit to Post-Intro Fit There is a big difference. I found it much more managable this time around and with the choreography as well.which was easier to grasp. So I'm Pleased!! Have a fab day,Caroline.

    29 December 2008 06:06