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Lucy Case Fun Fitness Workout Video

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Views: 52,227 Duration: 00:42
Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 20 May 2018 Workout:
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Lucy Case
Name: Lucy Case
Category: General
Search: Int, Toning, Change4Life, 50 Min


Lucy taught her first classes, when she was in her late teens, for college students whilst dancing as a hobby at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. However, she rejected a career in fitness, in favour of an artistic career and went on to become an animator and graphic designer for TV. It was only later in life that she finally came back to dance and fitness, qualified as a teacher and then as a Personal Trainer. She now runs her own successful business the Body Fitness Company.

Lucy is passionate about dance and fitness and believes strongly that it should be accessible to everyone.

  • Lucy's tips

    * Don’t spend hours in the gym working half-heartedly; work for shorter periods but at a higher intensity.
    * Every morning do 25 press-ups, 50 curls, 50 reverse curls and 60 oblique twists, whatever else happens that day, you will know you have done your abs!!!
    * Avoid all white flour foods.

  • Proudest moment

    MA (RCA), BA Hons (Middlesex Polytechnic), Director The Body Fitness Company, my four children.


Come on, dont be shy, join in the fun with Lucy in this simple to follow fun fitness workout video. Nothing too complex just great a cardio exercise class and a bit of silly banter to keep you motivated. Lucy is an extremely experienced trainer in silly banter (and exercise) so rest assured that this online fitness video will leave you hot and sweaty and happy.

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Love Is Gone - David Guetta & Chris Willis*

Let Me Think About It - Fedde Le Grand*

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand*

God Is a DJ - Pink*

Rhythm Is a Dancer - Snap*

No Waiting - Rock City*

75 Brazil Street - Nicola Fasano vs. Pat Rich*

I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho) - Pittbull*

Satisfaction - Benny Benassi & The Biz*

Restless World - Rock City*

Shines Like Gold - Alex Costanzo*

Pjanoo - Eric Prydz*

Call On Me - Eric Prydz*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • albert decosta

    albert decosta

    thank you very much for sharing the way of workout.

    27 February 2014 13:41

  • Sophie Davis

    Sophie Davis

    Lorraine, when you log in this video should now be available for you to play on any device.


    23 September 2012 17:22

  • Loraine Parker

    Loraine Parker

    I've been using your video for about 4 months now , then all of a sudden it deleted from my iPhone . I've just found this web site and bought a " Lucy case @ video , but unsure how to play it ?

    23 September 2012 14:42

  • Trish James

    Trish James

    Top class teacher. Fantastic moves I've just got to try and keep up! Can't say any more than that!! Thanks so

    26 May 2012 05:53

  • Len Barraclough

    Len Barraclough

    Wow! So hard the first attempt! Definitely looking forward to my second go to hopefully flow a bit more with Pierre's shifty hip hop moves (joke!)! Thanks Lucy, I love it!

    27 February 2012 00:45

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    A stella workout!! 10/10!! I highly recommend this workout,it's real proper cardio with some great moves,variety and quick changes. Put it this way,it builds up a huge sweat but you feel so good doing it,it's worth every 44 minutes,really good.

    25 December 2011 11:55

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Wow!! that was challenging!! I'm being brave these days and trying some Intermediate w/o's,and I can see or rather feel as to why they are not at a beginner level!! This class really got me going and even though it is tough,it is enjoyable too. I jumped around as much as I could...but I kept going Thank you Lucy xx

    28 September 2011 11:32

  • Anilu Estaba

    Anilu Estaba

    Thanks for fixing the audio, excelent and fun workout!!

    13 September 2010 09:15

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Fixed now, thanks for your patience everyone.

    12 September 2010 06:30

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Estaba, thank you for your comment we are investigating the issue at the moment.

    07 September 2010 19:29

  • Anilu Estaba

    Anilu Estaba

    there is no audio coming in the Lucy Case Fun Fitness Workout Video

    06 September 2010 16:44