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Karen Mason Mens Fitness Conditioning Workout

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Karen Mason
Name: Karen Mason
Category: General
Search: Int, Cardio, 40 Min


Karen did not really get into fitness until she was 30 years old. She remembers her first visit to a gym as a nerve wracking experience and quite intimidating. But as we so often discover, fear does not equal reality, and Karen actually found that not only did she really enjoy training and the effects upon her body, but that she had a real talent for it, even dare we say it, a competitive streak.

A few years later she qualified to teach exercise classes, gym instruction and personal training, her life since has taken on a whole new direction and meaning, both through work and also in terms of personal satisfaction.

Since 1995 she has competed as a Natural Body Builder and has won an incredible two British Titles. Not only that but she was placed well in the Professional World Finals which is a great result although Karen being Karen is still hungry for a win in this area.

Karen teaches Master Classes both nationally and internationally and her skill and charisma have led her to have worked in the highly competitive arena of TV chat shows and commercials and significantly as a choreographer.

Karen is an excellent example of how to embrace life and live true to who you are without limiting your beliefs. She still teaches, trains and competes and feels fitness has given a real quality to her life which she hopes will inspire others.

  • Karen’s tips

    * If you don't believe in yourself then no one else will
    * Be proud of your passions, how ever odd they seem to others, remember there are always others who are passionate about the same things and these will people will one day become your new friends
    * Respect your body

  • Proudest moments

    British Natural Body Builder twice. Placed well in Professional World Finals


This fitness video is billed as a workout for men, but anyone can join in. It has a focus on upper body strength.

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Push It To The Limit - Corbin Bleu*

Rock The Party - Bob Sinclar*

Legs - ZZ Top*

Stronger - Kanye West*

Something (To Make You Feel Alright) - Silosonic*

Low - Flo Rida*

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Rock The Casbah - The Clash*

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  • Karen Mason

    Karen Mason

    Hello Thank you for saying you enjoy the workouts, I love doing them!! My training at the moment isn't so full-on, after a competition I more or less go through themotion to keep everything ticking over for a month or so then get backinto it. The build up to competition is a bit bonkers withweight training 5 times a week at least and cardio 2 or 3 times a day,depending on how much fat I have to loose. At the start of January I'llbe back into it properly getting ready for Junes competition, my normal week would be Monday Quads & CalfsTuesday Chest & Triceps Wednesday Back & BicepsThursday Hamstrings & CalfsFriday Shoulders & Triceps Saturday Cardio Sunday Day Off!! On top of all that I teach studio classes, 6 Spinning & 4 Body Pump with a few half hour Abdominal classes and a some body conditioning in there as well. I find the classes help my workouts so I can put all my own gym training effort into picking up as heavy weights as I can and leave the lighter workouts to Body Pump (not that light of course, I push myself as much as I can) With regards to the amount of weight I pick up in the gym is obviously dependant on the body part. I'll always have a light enough weight to be able to do at least 10 repetition and endeavour to push myself to do 15 repetition each set, 4 or 5 sets of everything. Just as an example I'll ensure I bench press more than my body weight and squat more than that. So flat chest bench press will be 70kg+ a free squat will be a minimum of 90kg (I weight 63kg at the moment going down to around 54kg for acompetition) but will do my best not to let the weights decrease when Im training. I think it is harder for a woman to build muscle than a man purely because men have more testosterone (male hormone) in their bodiesthan women, but that doesnt mean women cant build up a good amount of muscle if they work hard enough, it all just takes a while longer to see results than it would do in a man. Hope that answers your question OK, do say if I can tell you more!! Karen

    30 September 2010 02:31