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The Green Goddess Spring Fitness Video

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Diana  Moran
Name: Diana Moran
Category: Health
Search: Beg, Seniors, 50 Min


We are so, so proud to introduce Diana Moran who became The Face Of Fitness for millions of viewers in the 80`s with her fun early morning workouts on breakfast TV.

We feel it befitting that as we introduce the world to new concepts in exercising at home that the person who brought us the concept of exercising to music should honour us with her presence. Her career has spanned 45 years and has helped so many people partake and enjoy exercise, as we feel it should be, simple, achievable and accessible.

A long time ago people didn’t exercise to music, it didn’t exist (can you imagine????) but then gradually from the states Jane Fonda heralded the start of a revolution which was to make simple dance to music accessible to millions. In those days there was no certification for this industry and it was the YMCA who became the first training provider for the industry.

Diana Moran became one of the first people in the UK to receive their certification, and although she has gone on to achieve many more qualifications; it holds a special place in her heart. In 1993 the Exercise Association of England presented her with their Special Achievement Award for her work in the fitness world. When one reads Diana's CV it is an incredible testament to a woman who works as hard now as she did at the start of her career.

Diana has had hardships in her life, which make her ability to help others such a gift. She has written many books about her struggles, these books not only reveal the very humane, humble side of Diana but act to help others put into perspective their own journeys and to reassure them to keep fighting for another day. In total Diana has written 11 books, her last book Live Longer, Feel Younger was hugely successful.

Diana works with charities, primarily for cancer, cerebral palsy and older people. She tirelessly writes, campaigns and fundraises on their behalf. When ThinQ Fitness recently met Diana she had just helped raise £40,000 for two mini buses to give young people particularly those with special needs, a sporting chance. 

What has impressed us the most, and we know you will agree with us, is this beautiful woman’s tenacity and drive and we hope you enjoy her workouts with us and support Diana in everything she does.

We are with you all the way Diana.

  • What drives Diana?

    Having so many things I want to do, achieve and see in my life. Women like me may not be as young as we used to be, but we are not as old as some people think we should be!!!

  • Why is fitness important to Diana?

    We know that staying healthy means we enjoy our lives so much more; there are no quick fixes, just sensible discipline to achieve this overall aim.

  • Diana's fitness tips

    * Which exercise is best? Choose a form of exercise or activity that you enjoy doing! If you can do it with a friend you will motivate one another and enjoy it even more.
    * No time to go to the gym? Seize the opportunity to be more physical, anytime, anywhere. Make activity part of your lifestyle. For example: walk to work, use stairs instead of lifts, take the dog for a walk. Don't feel guilty because these are all beneficial forms of exercise.
    * Don't set yourself ridiculously high fitness goals. You may waste your life feeling you haven't achieved. We are all made differently so be realistic. Start to exercise slowly and build up gradually. This way you will achieve!


Diana presents an easy to follow, simply structured workout encouraging participants to move at a pace specifically suitable to a person of advancing years.

The first section is a thorough warm up, with stretches, followed by a short low impact section to encourage the heart and lungs to work. Diana then presents some toning and abdominal exercises and finishes of the session with appropriate stretching.

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Ladies Night - Kool And The Gang*

Who Do You Love - KC & The Sunshine Band*

Wrap Your Arms - KC & The Sunshine Band*

September - Earth, Wind & Fire*

Rock UR Baby - KC & The Sunshine Band*

Stand Up - Nowak Feat. D'Layna

Shake Your Booty - KC & The Sunshine Band*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Diana is such a charming lady. I couldn't do an intense workout this morning so I chose this one and I am happy that I did. The whole class wasn't demanding and it gave me the stretches that I needed as my back is a little tender,and then there was a relax session at the end,I really couldn't of asked for more this morning and she is so lovely!! really nice to listen to her.

    06 September 2011 04:30

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    hello Josh, yes it is!! LC

    08 August 2010 17:12

  • Dee  Thresher

    Dee Thresher

    Fabulous DT

    12 May 2010 15:49

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    well done!!!! LC FD

    19 April 2010 06:02

  • Lesley Thomas-Cogbill

    Lesley Thomas-Cogbill

    Diana, I always loved your workouts and it is so fantastic to see you here on ThinQ Fitness. Lesley TC< Presenter

    15 March 2010 15:44

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Looking wonderful Diana, come on guys, tell us much you love this workout!!! Lucy Case Fitness Director

    14 March 2010 12:59

  • Sharon Doherty

    Sharon Doherty

    Wow, how fantastic to see the Green goddess back in action and looking Great. It takes me back to my childhood as I watched GG and Mr Motivator.I'm going to get my mom signed up, she will love this.

    03 March 2010 09:28