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Beth Watkins Stoopy Shoulders Workout Video

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Beth Watkins
Name: Beth Watkins
Category: Short Workouts
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We are thrilled to have Beth Watkins as a Presenter and Personal Trainer with us. Beth represents a true icon to fitness as she has worked hard to become a leading Personal Trainer and her depth of knowledge is incredibly inspiring. Beth is a natural teacher and believes that how one actually learns about how the body works, is through explaining as one teaches the bodies’ functions and limitations. When Beth was 10 she was diagnosed with lordosis which is a condition of the spine. In overcoming this she feels she has gained true experience in how to help others correct posture issues before they have a damaging effect.

Beth grew up on a farm and was very sporty at school so a career as a Fitness Professional seemed a natural development of her interests. However she reflects that her mother’s death at 13 has influenced her direction in fitness and in a way has made her seriously contemplate why health matters are so important. We feel this true dedication to health, the body and how to heal oneself comes through in Beth’s teachings and as she says “without good health we really have nothing.”

Beth has worked in many areas of fitness developing her portfolio and experience and it was a proud day indeed when the culmination of all her hard work, study and dreams resulted in the opening of her own studio called MindBodyHealth. Here Beth works extensively with clients using the corrective techniques to rehabilitate and develop her clients who range from the injured and elderly to the super fit and professional sports person.

  • What drives Beth?

    “I am an extremely ambitious and outgoing person who enjoys a challenge, so what drives me is my keenness to learn more and be the best I can be for my clients.”

  • Why fitness is important to Beth?

    “Fitness to me is the total fitness of a person, a combination of their mind health and their body health in harmony. When this combination is in balance one feels great and can really live at ones full potential.”

  • Beth’s fitness tips

    * Work to the 80/20 rule; eat and exercise properly for 80% of the week and for the remaining 20% eat and do other things you enjoy
    * During training do not work isolated muscles but workout involving as many muscles as possible
    * During training and day-to-day life remember your posture!!!


Beth knows her stuff when it comes to stretching and flexibility, so this relaxation and stretch video is for you if you have been at a desk all day, driven for miles or carried heavy loads. This video is to encourage all you guys with stoopy shoulders to take action and straighten up!!!


  • Nicola Hughes

    Nicola Hughes

    Really useful posture exercises - incredibly clear instructions so thank you Beth and Thinq Fitness

    05 March 2010 14:58