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Karen Mason Rowing Fitness Video

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Karen Mason
Name: Karen Mason
Category: Sports
Search: Adv, Cardio, Row, 50 Min


Karen did not really get into fitness until she was 30 years old. She remembers her first visit to a gym as a nerve wracking experience and quite intimidating. But as we so often discover, fear does not equal reality, and Karen actually found that not only did she really enjoy training and the effects upon her body, but that she had a real talent for it, even dare we say it, a competitive streak.

A few years later she qualified to teach exercise classes, gym instruction and personal training, her life since has taken on a whole new direction and meaning, both through work and also in terms of personal satisfaction.

Since 1995 she has competed as a Natural Body Builder and has won an incredible two British Titles. Not only that but she was placed well in the Professional World Finals which is a great result although Karen being Karen is still hungry for a win in this area.

Karen teaches Master Classes both nationally and internationally and her skill and charisma have led her to have worked in the highly competitive arena of TV chat shows and commercials and significantly as a choreographer.

Karen is an excellent example of how to embrace life and live true to who you are without limiting your beliefs. She still teaches, trains and competes and feels fitness has given a real quality to her life which she hopes will inspire others.

  • Karen’s tips

    * If you don't believe in yourself then no one else will
    * Be proud of your passions, how ever odd they seem to others, remember there are always others who are passionate about the same things and these will people will one day become your new friends
    * Respect your body

  • Proudest moments

    British Natural Body Builder twice. Placed well in Professional World Finals


Karen's row fit fitness video is aimed at an intermediate to advanced level, on your concept 2 rowing machine.

Remember to focus on you technique as rowing is an excellent way to not only work your heart and lungs but all the major muscle groups of the body. Be aware of not doing this if you have lower back issues or are in any other way injured as this is a class for an experienced and confident rower.

Please remember your water.

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  • Karen Mason

    Karen Mason

    Thanks for your great comment Sharon and sorry for late reply. Posture is so important in day to day life to avoid injuries so please heed the advice well. Thanks Karen

    19 June 2010 13:22

  • Sharon Doherty

    Sharon Doherty

    Hi Karen,as ever love your workouts. It was very good to hear your banter and to get told how to row, I know my posture is not good so this was really helpful. We need to try and get gym's to put this next to the rower, so you can work with us. It's a bit dull doing 45 mins in the gym on your own.thank you, Sx

    18 February 2010 00:27