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Dee Thresher Teen Dance Video

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Views: 2,184 Duration: 00:40
Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 20 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Dee  Thresher
Name: Dee Thresher
Category: Teen
Search: Beg, Teen Dance, 40 Min


We are thrilled Dee has joined us. She comes with a long list of credits not least of which is the recent success of her bikini diet which featured on GMTV last year to much acclaim. Dee has been in the Fitness Industry for 16 years and has the ability to be able to teach across ages and disciplines with incredible ease, this has placed her firmly as both a Celebrity Trainer/Presenter but also as a successful children’s dance teacher, at a more grass roots level.

For Dee the journey began as a youngster influenced by her actor father, who evoked in her a love of the stage, acting, dancing and singing. Dee followed the traditional route of qualifying as an exercise to music instructor and then training as a personal trainer. Her dance background has meant Dee can create stunning choreography, but in the flick of a switch, tone it down into a fun and manageable routine, which all levels can enjoy.

Eight years ago Dee decided to return to the source of her journey and began teaching children. In this way she is able to satisfy each area of her creativity, a desire to help children grow, a desire to help people generally in their fitness and at the top end, the fulfilment of presenting at conventions or on TV which is a personal high point for Dee.

As if Dee were not busy enough, this mother of two also find time to write a weekly column for Reveal, “this means understanding and being aware of leading industry trends and understanding what the woman in the street is all about.” . She is also a consultant for Nizels Health and Fitness based in Hildenborough Kent.

  • What drives Dee?

    I am driven by a job I love. I went into this industry to teach group classes which is still one of my favourite things. I want to give them the results they want, whether it is just a smile on their face, weight loss, take them away from their daily life or anything else! I will always want to learn and better myself for the whole of my career, you can never know enough and never practice enough!

  • Why is fitness important to Dee?

    It is important to me because not only of the short term benefits but also the long. I want to be able to reach out to people and children of all ages and show them not only how much fun it can be, but that anyone can do it and it is never too late.

  • Dee’s tips

    * Have fun, what’s the use if you’re not
    * Find something you enjoy and vary your programme
    * Don’t look at it as exercise, look at it as a challenge to enjoy and blossom with

  • Proudest moments

    Co presented 3 celebrity fitness dvds, consultant for Universal Studios on fitness projects, presenter for GMTV for 3 months summer 2008 on their extremely successful bikini diet


Lively Dee returns to take us through a general level, 30 min, dance class video. This online, ontarget, onthebeat, fun video aimed at teens will keep you onyourtoes and wanting to do this time after time. Suitable for adults too, please enjoy, as Dee is a popular and charasmatic presenter, who always delivers great sessions.

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  • Dee  Thresher

    Dee Thresher

    So glad you are loving this video Caroline. We always say half the battle in being happy in exercise is actually finding an exercise you love to do. You become so absorbed in it that you dont notice the time, the energy spent, the calories, the worries, only how fantastic it feels to move and groove and enjoy. Dee Thresher, Presenter.

    26 December 2009 12:22

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    I think I'm addicted to this workout-I've done it 3 days in a trot!! only because I am enoying it so much. I used to love dancing when I was younger and slimmer so this class is renewing that passion and its working out aswell helping with slimmimg down so I'm going to get back into dancing but exercise dancing and look at the other ones on the site. Thank you ThinQ Fitness!! x

    29 November 2009 18:20

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hey,hey-I'm also most certainly not a teen (I'm 34!!) but I had to do this class coz it looked fabulous and I have just done it and it was flipping COOL!! Love,love,loved it AND I got to hand it to Dee she walked me/us through every step/sequence to let us get a load of practice before moving on and that was great and thanks to Dee's phenomonal teaching style I got about 80% of the routine down and that made me feel really good. So thanks Dee,that was fab and I look forward to more of your sessions so please do some more dance ones. Thanks from a happy Caroline who will definately revisit this class again! Good job.

    25 November 2009 07:20

  • Dee  Thresher

    Dee Thresher

    Hi Poppy, so glad you loved my class it is great to hear you enjoyed it. I teach alot of young adults like yourself, and all these routines go down a strom.Take care Dee

    09 October 2009 12:46