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Lesley T. Cogbill Senior Firm and Focused Video

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Lesley Thomas-Cogbill
Name: Lesley Thomas-Cogbill
Category: Health
Search: Beg, Seniors, 10 Min


Lesley has been a pillar in the Fitness Industry for identifying and then sourcing talented Presenters for the freestyle arena. Her conventions are attended by hundreds of people who travel up and down the country to get the latest dance, step or fitness advice.

As well as running her own business, Lesley teaches around 20 classes a week and is passionate that exercise can be something available to everyone. She is aware through her business of how fit one can be at the top of the tree; she is also completely in tune with real people, living real lives. Her ability to understand each person’s needs and cater for them make her a unique Presenter. To that end she has a huge following, which we are sure she will enjoy here with her online fitness videos.

Lesley believes that fitness can become a part of your life, through its connection with the teacher, and feels it is both a way of life and an escape from life, a chance to switch out of the daily routine and switch on a little bit of magic for you.

  • Lesley’s tips

    * Participate in a type of exercise you enjoy
    * Don’t let others intimidate or deter you from your fitness enjoyment or prevent you from taking part in any exercise
    * Remember that you must work for your rewards and always reward yourself for your work!!


Lesley teaches many fitness classes for those senior in years, and she brings that skill and understanding to this video. This class focuses on raising the heart rate a little, having a little fun and supporting the body through a range of carefully devised exercises for those a little less firm on their feet.

Please, with all classes, take care and check your chairs are sturdy before leaning on them and that your shoes are non slip, tied up properly and that you have clothing on allowing for these simple movements. We care so please, take care!!!


It's The Same Old Song,Four Tops*

Rescue Me,Fontella Bass*

Harlem Shuffle,Bob & Earl*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Exactly right John, we are the future of fitness because we care about people from all walks of life. LC FD

    17 May 2010 02:50

  • John Shehan

    John Shehan

    Hi Lesley, this a fantastic class and it is high time that fitness catered for the majority, which is the folks at home with different health issues, than the minoiry, the ones in gyms. I love my gym classes but they dont really reach out to anyone who falls out of a very steryotypical view of what health and fitness is.John Shehan

    11 November 2009 22:19

  • Lesley Thomas-Cogbill

    Lesley Thomas-Cogbill

    Hi Guys, just wanted to pop in and say hello and great to see so many comments. We are never sure exactly if what we teach in the studio will reach and be affective for you guys at home so getting your feedback and knowing it is helping is very rewarding for us. Tell you friends please as this is unique and we want to reach out as many of you as possible. Take careLesley Thomas-Cogbill, Presenter

    19 October 2009 13:32

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Lilly, fantastic to get your email and even more fantastic that our videos are helping you. Yes there are more in the pipeline, so go carefully and as you gain strength bit by bit, get more involved with say walking a bit more briskly, carrying your shopping holding your back straight and doing some light gardening. The more active you are the stronger you will become. Lucy Case Fitness Director

    05 October 2009 01:45

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Eloise, Thank you for your lovely comment. we are delighted you have joined our club and want to provide fitness solutions to people from all walks and abilities of life. Your feed back reassures us that we are fulfilling this objective. You were wise to check with your GP and we are thrilled he was comfortable with our classes. Please keep writing in for a chat now and then and let me know how you are getting on. Kindest regards, Lucy Case, Fitness Director

    20 September 2009 13:59