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Jessica Vasquez Cruz Waist Workout Video

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Jessica Vasquez Cruz
Name: Jessica Vasquez Cruz
Category: Travel
Search: Beg, Toning, 10 Min


Jessica says that as a child she was always described as chubby or plump and this had an effect on her self esteem. She looks back and realises that actually she didn’t really enjoy sports and it wasn’t until she discovered a flamenco class that her young life really changed.

 Speaking about her childhood Jessica says "Hind sight is a great thing, but it demonstrates only to clearly that you have to love the activity your involved with to draw the true meaning from the words “eat well and exercise”………young children often blame themselves for being uninvolved when actually, it is a matter of finding what it “right” for them."

Flamenco and Salsa dancing became Jessica’s passion and from this she discovered a love of aerobic videos. She used to practice these at home and then started to put together her own routines and plans.

This continued for years and finally after the birth of her first child, she trained to become an instructor. She then allowed her true Spanish and South American nfluences to become her trademark and her popularity as a teacher soared as class after class filled out wanting to keepfit to such great moves and great music.

7 years on she is now a trainer for "wanna be" instructors and her journey inspires her students not only on technique but also the idea that each teacher is an individual and to focus on developing your own strengths.

We are thrilled to have Jessica on the site and her sensitive and intuitive teaching style we know will endear her to you guys as much as to us……Ola Jessica!!

  • What drives Jessica?

    Watching other instructors teach to perfection inspires me to keep pushing to do my best. I have a thirst for knowledge and always want to learn more and progress my skills to higher levels. The talent in ThinQ Fitness is incredible and I feel inspired when I see other videos on the site and know and understand the work load which goes into each and every class. The best instructors make it look absolutely easy to teach, to cue, to throw in jokes and to keep their choreography on track, but it is actually extremely hard to do.

  • Why is fitness important to Jessica?

    Life is too short to spend it being unhealthy and unfit. Looking after your health is a way of life not a chore. The pursuit of a healthy body is on your terms and no one else's and should stem from being driven by pleasure not duty. Other people will warm to your confidence, your kindness, your humour and your spirit, not your waist line, so although being in your BMI range keeps you on the right track, it needs to be held as an aspect of your overall health and happiness, not the only thing.

  • Jessica’s tips

    * Mix it up, try different types of exercise for variety, balance and to improve fitness levels in all areas
    * Avoid big gaps between meals
    * Pick realistic goals for you to achieve every 12 weeks….and reward yourself

  • Proudest moments

    My children, working for YMCA fit as a tutor assistant and studying for my Certificate in education


In this fitness video from Jessica she takes us through a 10 minute waist workout to help get that most difficult part of the body get into shape.


Just Dance - Lady Gaga*

Whenever Wherever - Shakira*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Andrea Dimmick

    Andrea Dimmick

    those leg lofts are tougher than they look.

    30 October 2011 18:20

  • Ellen Alleyne

    Ellen Alleyne

    thank you very hard but gentle at the same time . x

    11 October 2011 20:34

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Well I really felt that!! What great waist exercises. I know that I am going to really feel that in my waist in the morning. As long as it gets wittled down,I'll keep at it. Thank you Jessica x

    07 September 2011 07:16