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Lucy Johnson Bikini Workout Video

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Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 18 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Lucy Johnson
Name: Lucy Johnson
Category: General
Search: Beg, Aerobics, 50 Min


Lucy Johnson is leading the Fitness Entrepreneur Revolution that is upon us, inspiring and coaching individuals to start up their own Fitness Businesses and to understand their true value and impact on the marketplace.

Former International Fitness Presenter and New Fitness Presenter of the Year in 2004, Lucy has wide experience in Fitness Management, Business and Presenting.

Lucy delivers marketing, branding and business strategies for personal trainers, group trainers & fitness businesses wanting to explode their profits and profile.

  • What drives Lucy?

    Lucy is a very driven person partly because she loves inspiring people. "I love helping people break down their boundaries of what they believe is achievable for them, helping people realise that the power they need to achieve anything, is within themselves and just needs unlocking, completely blows my mind and drives me to be the best role model I can be."

  • Why fitness is important to Lucy?

    Psychological and emotional strength is massively supported by physical health and vitality. The confidence, feel good factor and proof of success that is gained from weight loss, strength gain or even just having the commitment to get up and exercise 5 days a week leads to a clearer mind, stronger resolve and self awareness that lead to inevitable success in all areas of life. For me, physical fitness underpins everything.

  • Lucy’s fitness tips

    * Exercise as early as you can in the morning. Not only will you not have time to come up with any excuses not to do it but it will set you up on such a high for the day that you will feel you can conquer the world!
    * I'm a firm believer in exercising and eating well from Monday to Friday and then slackening off the reigns a little at the weekend. Not as an excuse for a calorie blow out but everyone needs to reward their success and if that means having a dessert or having some fun and taking the kids to the park at the weekend then that can only add to your experience of life and your joy.
    * Don't do stuff you don't like! Sounds simple but the amount of different types of exercises regimes and styles that are on this website alone is phenomenal and there is no way your life will be enhanced if you are whining and grumbling about having to do a type of exercise that you really don't enjoy. For me, it's running. I just don't enjoy it so what’s the point of forcing myself when I can do Bikini Workouts and Circuits that are on this site??? Find something that works for you and most importantly, FEEL GOOD about doing it

  • Proudest moment

    Winning the 2004 national presenter search competition, becoming the fitness manager of Europe's largest and Britain's most prestigious private health club in 2005 and being assessed on my teaching skills by my hero Marcus Irwin and receiving 100%.


Please welcome Lucy to the team and enjoy her fitness workout aimed at getting you fit and gorgeous for the summer. This online fun is suitable for everyone, grab your bucket and spade and enjoy!!!

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Just Dance (Ronnie Maze Club Remix) - Lady Gaga*

Closer (Dance Mix) - Ne-Yo*

Circus (Dance Mix) - Britney Spears*

Disturbia (Workout Mix) - Rihanna*

Cry For You (Ronnie Maze Club Remix) - September*

I Kissed A Girl (Calimocho Remix) - Kati Perry*

Don't Stop The Music (Dance Mix) - Rihanna*

Mercy (Dance Mix) - Duffy*

Keeps Gettin Better (Dance Mix) - Christina Aguilera*

So What (Ronnie Maze Hi NRG Remix) - Pink*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Pureza Vasconcelos Vasconcelos

    Pureza Vasconcelos Vasconcelos

    Loved this workout, easy to follow and effective !

    15 December 2011 11:09

  • Pureza Vasconcelos Vasconcelos

    Pureza Vasconcelos Vasconcelos

    Liked this workout a lot!

    20 November 2011 22:37

  • Allison Womack

    Allison Womack

    I like the simplicity - easy to add energy for a good cardio workout. Lots of different abs exercises - nice to mix it up now and again. Will definitely do this one again.

    29 June 2011 01:55

  • Lucy Johnson

    Lucy Johnson

    Thanks for the comments guys and so glad you enjoyed the work out and the music too. LJ

    11 June 2010 18:07

  • Sarah Marsden

    Sarah Marsden

    I really liked this, nice and simple but it still made my muscles burn! Excellent music too. Thanks.

    20 April 2010 08:47

  • Dee  Thresher

    Dee Thresher

    HHHMMMM some great ideas Lucy, like the whole bikini theme, a subject close to my heart. Dee Thresher, Presenter.l

    29 December 2009 20:38

  • John Shehan

    John Shehan

    Hi Lucy, Like this session and welcome to the site!! John Shehan, Presenter

    10 November 2009 19:34