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Jayne Nicholls Kids Fun Yoga Video

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Jayne Nicholls
Name: Jayne Nicholls
Category: Kids
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Jayne is the Director of Group X Training Ltd which provides training to fitness instructors across all areas of the fitness curriculum, so, you can see you are in extremely safe and knowledgeable hands with Jayne.

Jayne started her career teaching classes and progressed through the years to teaching master classes at conventions. She knew she was in the right career when she was voted Fitness Leader of the Year, a prestigious title honoring her work from her colleagues in a hugely competitive industry.

Jayne realized that her passion for teaching was deepening and in understanding her own driving force for excellence, she sought ways to improve her message through education. She has now become a renown educator “I wanted the general public to learn how to exercise effectively in order to achieve their goals and live better lives” and to that end she has researched extensively to update old techniques, explore fitness myths & misconceptions and create result based exercise.

Nine years ago she observed that whilst Yoga practices where extremely popular, there was no western based equivalent which taught Yoga from a purely exercise orientated perspective. Jayne thus developed Freestyle Yoga which has had enormous success throughout the UK. She has trained many hundreds of instructors in a no nonsense style of working with the body, again for optimum results.

Jayne recognizes that “exercise is the key to good health, happiness and vitality” and hopes that her presence here on the site will let everyone benefit from her experience in this area no matter what their age, size, levels or skill…….” Enjoy”.

Jayne has a bi monthly column in the Fit Pro Magazine and her articles feature in all of the industry and fitness press on a regular basis. She regularly appears on TV and in the media offering advice and opinion on fitness.

  • Jayne‚Äôs tips

    * Work hard
    * Adhere to a regular programme
    * Enjoy the rewards

  • Proudest moments

    Setting up my own fitness education business, being voted Fitness Leader of the year & Freestyle Fitness Yoga becoming a recognised form of Yoga


Jayne gives a great fun yoga workout video for kids to get them up and about. Mums and Dads can obviously join in too.

Jayne is an experienced and fun teacher and understands the limitations (and excitment) of youngsters and has pitched this beautifully. Please remember to fill in the comments boxes and let us know how your kids enjoyed this, we want them to stayfit.

This video is part of the Change4Life Partnership helping mums and dads get kids up and about. You can read more by clicking Up And About

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  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock

    This is fantastic Jayne, really impressed, great for kids. Anna Lovelock

    25 August 2009 22:42

  • Jayne Nicholls

    Jayne Nicholls

    Hi Vicky, Thank you for your feed back, all the kids I teach love this, please spread the word between your friends. Jayne x

    21 August 2009 11:42

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Vicky, glad you enjoyed this. Did you have a family member who tried this? If so, did they enjoy it and what other type of thing would they enjoy? Lucy FD

    17 August 2009 00:41