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Nikkie Riozzi Beginner Teen Urban Funk Dance

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Competency: Beginner Last Viewed: 20 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Nikkie Riozzi
Name: Nikkie Riozzi
Category: Teen
Search: Beg, Teen Dance, 50 Min


Nikkie has always had a passion and flare for dance and her earliest memories are of picking up dance moves quickly from MTV and then practicing them with her friends. She trained as an instructor and has been teaching since 1994, gaining a solid reputation for her great routines and easy to follow teaching .

Nikkie leads an exciting life as a high flying International Presenter, jetting off to amazing countries getting to do what she loves best. We all agree Nikki’s passion shines through in her presentations for us and we are truly honoured that she can squeeze us into her hectic schedule.

She is a member of the Urban Funk senior crew team, which delivers street dance training to people keen to become teachers, so, we reckon that means she must be really pucker!!!

She is also co-director of ‘street sistaz’, her partner in crime being none other than the acclaimed International presenter Jo parry. Together they team teach to  sell out crowds up and down the country.

Nikkie is passionate about music, so it comes as no surprise that her keen ear for a tune was noticed by a leading music company, Nikkie says of her career “I am so lucky to have travelled doing what I love most. I wouldn’t do anything but be involved in the fitness industry”, we are mighty glad your involved with the Fitness industry too Nikkie.

  • What drives Nikkie?

    I love music and it inspires me to create new moves and routines, variety is the spice of life!

  • Why fitness is important to Nikkie?

    Enjoying what you do is essential, but you must be open to new idea’s to keep you’re body guessing.

  • Nikkie’s fitness tips

    * Stay hydrated, it will keep you focused.
    * Yin and Yan – balance your workout with energy sessions with slow and controlled sessions such as Pilates, stretch or relaxation.
    * Small realistic goals = big results!

  • Proudest moment

    Being an International Presenter and the work I do with Urban Funk, Jumpy Bumpy, Fitness Fiesta, International Aerobics week and Fit Fantastic


Nikkie is an extremely respected teacher in presenting circles and we are truly honoured that she has joined our team. The secret of a wonderful teacher is that they are able to teach beginners through to super advanced and Nikkie is truly a star in this category.

Urban Dance is very popular with teenagers and we want to deliver the best of the best in our online fitness videos at such a great price. Mum's and Dad's can have a go too, but only when your teens are out of the house!!!!

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Show Stopper - Danity Kane*

Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliot*

Miss Independent - Ne-Yo*

Summer Love - Justin Timberlake*

Single Ladies - Beyonce*

Say I - Christina Milian*

Come To Me - P Diddy Feat. Nicole Scherzinger*

Love Is Wicked - Brick and Lace*

Beep - The Pussycat Dolls*

* Music recorded by non-original artists


  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock

    Fab session Nikkie, really impressed Anna Lovelock

    28 August 2009 04:12

  • Nikkie Riozzi

    Nikkie Riozzi

    thanks for visiting my page!Ijust want to give a shout out to Jo Parry for the music, if you like the CD as much as I do you can buy/download from clickmix.comenjoy!Nikkiexxx

    12 August 2009 13:41