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Tracy Lee Strassburg Desk Yoga Video

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Tracy Lee  Strassburg
Name: Tracy Lee Strassburg
Category: Travel
Search: Beg, Yoga, Sit Fit, 20 Min


When she began practicing yoga in 1995, Tracy had no idea that the study and practice of yoga would become her life's passion. Tracy began teaching yoga as a hobby in 2002 while successfully running her own independent record label and managing artists. Within 6 years of certification as a Yoga Teacher, she has given up this glamourous life for something much better. Tracy teaches full time in central London.

Believing that yoga is accessible to all fitness levels from many perspectives, Tracy is focussed on helping those who want to know more about themselves mentally, physically and emotionally, she believes "awareness of ourself is the great healer. Everything seems to fall into place when we know truly how we feel inside our bodies".

Tracy's compassionate and focussed teaching style communicates easily to her students, her passion is for "existential bridges", the space between one moment to the next. Practicing hatha yoga embodies this philosophy in a very tangiable way and shines a light on the "road home", or self realization.

  • Tracy’s tips

    * Be curious.
    * Stretch your body and your mind.
    * Try a simple Down Dog when you get out of bed. You will probably be inspired to do a few round of Sun Salutations.
    * Eat fruit instead of sweets.

  • Proudest moments

    Pause Now Pose Yoga Art Installations in London, Volunteering for Kids Company, Teaching over 100 civil servants in the DCSF.


Tracy's desk yoga video is aimed at those of you stuck in the office, but wanting all the benifits of a a gentle yoga workout. This does not take long, it helps the body to recouperate during the day and prevents the muscles of the neck from getting stiff. Tracy has a warm, nature and her style of teaching is easy on the ear and calming. We hope you will enjoy this short video.

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  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Thank you for writing in!!! so glad its helping you and let us know what else we can do to help :) LC

    20 February 2011 20:29

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hello again :) This has been nice and relaxing for me making me want to find another yoga workout now :) I haven't exercised in months and feel really stretched again and wanting a bit more :) Thank you for having this class :)

    13 February 2011 01:13

  • Tracy Lee  Strassburg

    Tracy Lee Strassburg

    Yay! Always happy when the yoga helps : )

    16 December 2009 11:37

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hi. I have been feeling quite tense today giving me a tension headache and I just wanted a short workout to ease my muscles and relax them. This little workout was really nice to do and helped. Thanks,Caroline

    31 August 2009 12:27