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Dominic Fisher Ankle Rehab Video 2

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Dominic Fisher
Name: Dominic Fisher
Category: Health
Search: Beg, Injury Fit, Ankle, 10 Min


Dominic arrived in the UK in April 2001 and has spent the last 8 years working in private practices and hospitals in the London area. As a keen sports man himself his interest lead him to want to work with sports injuries and Dominic is currently in his third year of a Master's degree in Sports Physiotherapy.

He has an interest in the management of musculoskeletal injuries in the active population but also in more specialist areas of sport and is a team physiotherapist for a football club on a part-time basis. His ambition is to work in the professional sport arena full-time, so what better place to demonstrate his talents than here at Thinq Fitness. He observes that the competitive spirit seems just as ardent in the professional athlete as it is in the weekend athlete making his work in the active population just as challenging and rewarding.

  • Dominic's tips

    * Ensure you rest your muscles in-between work outs
    * Always take your Physiotherapists advice!!
    * Cross train to develop overall fitness and reduce the risk of injury


Dominic continues his series of videos on ankle fitness with a more in depth look at the exercises that can help rehabilitate the joint and prevent injury.

This video is especially useful to anyone who suffers from persistent ankle injust at any age. However, these exercises are to be done by participants whos ankles are injury free at present.


  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Thanks Huw, glad this is helping, ha ha the bull in the china shop is possible what caused the ankle problem in the first place? So, yes, go cautiously using these techniques, equally, go cautiously in day to day life, stepping off curbs, turning suddenly, jumping off a high surface etc and especially beware of any bulls!!! take care Lucy :)

    11 July 2009 05:53