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Katie Bulmer Combat Fitness Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 17 Mar 2018 Workout:
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Katie Bulmer
Name: Katie Bulmer
Category: Sports
Search: Int, Combat, 50 Min


Katie has been a Fitness Instructor since the age of 4, yes 4. Impossible I hear you cry, but how? Well Katie’s mum is a fitness instructor so little Katie used to sit in on her mums classes (how cute is this) and watch and learn. We are very keen to have Katie’s’ mum teach on the site, for Katie is so talented we are sure her mum must have been an excellent role model.

So, at the grand age of 17, Katie was a fully fledged teacher in her own right and although still looking a bonny 17 Katie assures us she is not and has earned her stripes as a seasoned pro.

Katie is a fantastic teacher and has been on the UK Presenter circuit a good few years now regularly to be seen performing with the YMCA Fit Display Squad and Presenting at convention and events all over the country.

She also is the Studio Co-ordinator @ Esporta Wearside, a YMCA Fitness Industry Training Sponsored Presenter and owner of Katie Bulmer Personal Training which specialises in fat loss and pre & post natal exercise, “ I am massively influenced by my clients...seeing them achieve their goals in absolutely the best feeling in the world!”.

Katie also teaches at local clubs in her area everything from Fit Ball, Street Dance, Step, Combat, Studio Resistance right through to Aerobics and traditional conditioning classes. We are thrilled to have Katie onboard, she is a charming, humble and extremely thorough and we know you will love coming back to her sessions time and time again.

  • What drives Katie?

    It’s all about the clients for me...there is nothing more rewarding than teaching a class and seeing lots of smiling faces looking back having a great time and most importantly seeing results.

  • Why fitness is important to Katie?

    Fitness really has the power to change lives; whether it’s seeing a client shed body fat, or helps them through a difficult time!

  • Katie’s tips

    * Eat the way our bodies were designed to eat: lean meat and fish, plenty of greens and reduce refined carbohydrate!
    * Keep moving...exercise regularly and change your routine regualry too...lift weights, dance, punch and kick!
    * Enjoy it...choose exercise you enjoy. After all, who wants to do something they don’t enjoy!

  • Proudest moment

    Winning Best Presenter Award 2008 @ BPM Active Convention and achieving my 1st class honours degree in Sport & Exercise


Katie delivers a striking blow or two and sets out to challenge you in this excellent overall fitness combat video.

This workout is an intermediate level of fitness, but don't be afraid to try if you are comfortable with the beginner exercise classes as the combinations are simply structured and easy to follow and build. Katie is an extremely experienced Presenter so please do enjoy her workout and keep an eye out for her other classes coming to the site soon!!!

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  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Ooooh,what a fab workout!! What I, not who, I am angry at is that I am on day 17 of having quit smoking and I am Still feeling the withdrawals. So this, thank you Katie, was a workout to get my aggression and anger out at how long is it going to take for this cigarette stopping annoyance to end???-answers on a post card. That aside..a great workout,does get the stress out xx

    20 September 2011 16:17

  • Katie Bulmer

    Katie Bulmer

    Thank you elaine, look out for my MTV and Street Jazz, give them a go and let me know what you think.xx

    03 June 2009 08:20

  • Katie Bulmer

    Katie Bulmer

    Hi Sharon, Thanks for your lovely comment, am pleased you enjoyed it. Katie xx

    09 May 2009 19:48

  • Sharon Doherty

    Sharon Doherty

    Hi Katie,just had a quick go at this and it's good fun and a change from the norm. Love the accent - we need more presenters who aren't from London please! Sharon

    07 May 2009 14:17