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Anna Lovelock Cycling Fitness Video

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Competency: Advanced Last Viewed: 21 Feb 2018 Workout:
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Anna Lovelock
Name: Anna Lovelock
Category: Sports
Search: Adv, Cardio, Bike, 50 Min


Anna is a freelance Personal Trainer and renowned Pilates Instructor working in the London area who brings a wealth of expertise of fitness instruction to us. We are particularly pleased to have Anna as part of our team because of her varied knowledge and vast experience working with a huge cross-section of individuals, each with their own particular challenges and requirements.

Her personal credentials include working with several high-profile sporting professionals, from members of the England Rugby squad to Olympic medallists as well as competitive Triathletes and Golf and Tennis Pro’s. Her greatest passion, however, is to pass on her love and enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible, regardless of their age, ability or sporting prowess.

This has led Anna to work with everyone from new Mum’s (she is the co-author of “Pilates for the new Mum”) to training kids and bringing a new and healthier lifestyle to those who have not exercised for longer than they care to admit!

Anna has many years of experience as a leading Personal Trainer and her physique is proof indeed that she puts into practice many of the programmes, hints and tips that you will find in her routines and Blogs. Anna has always had a passion for sport & fitness, competing as a schoolgirl in both swimming and ballroom dancing, long before one of the two was as popular as it is today!

We are also very proud to have Anna as our Fitness Director

  • Anna’s tips

    * Find something you enjoy – remember that exercise takes many shapes and forms
    * Set mini goals and challenge yourself to meet each one
    * Make exercise a part of your life

  • Proudest moment

    4th in Miss World Fitness, 3rd UK Miss Fitness, representing GB in two World Triathlon Championships.


See if you can keep up with Anna on the stationary bike with this cardio fitness workout video.

This is a pyramid interval exercise class to improve your fitness. If you are new to bike work we suggest starting with an easier level routine and building up gradually. You must always exercise with caution and work from the Perceived Rate of Exertion Scale to monitor your own progress.

Sample Video

A short video showing a sample of the full length exercise workout. If you like the look of this sample fitness video then register and pay-per-view, by clicking on the rent button that appears once you have registered, or join as a member and have full access to all of the fitness workout videos. All advertisements disappear once you rent the video or pay for membership.

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  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock

    Hi Jef, thanks for your feedback, it's always really useful. Yes that interval is 6 minutes not 5 and certainly does make it a more 'brutal' workout, I'm really impressed that you obviously did the whole session! We always tend to err on the side of caution when putting an intensity rating on a workout. Keep on with the spinning, Anna.

    06 February 2012 23:14

  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock


    05 February 2012 20:29

  • Jef Cavens Cavens

    Jef Cavens Cavens

    Hi Anna. Here's some feedback on your session:- Good intro- Nice (pyramid) concept- Music could be better. I got the feeling the music wasn't really present...- The (voice) guidance could be imrpoved, but maybe it's because of the simplicity of the workout concept, there's not much else to say.- You make a challenging, but brutal error on the 5' hard interval > you do 6' instead of 5'- In comparison with other sessions, I don't think this categorizes as 'advanced'That's all. Hope to see more soon.

    04 February 2012 17:43

  • Anna Lovelock

    Anna Lovelock

    Well done John, Anna Lovelock, Presenter

    14 January 2010 11:09