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Sheraz Yousaf Back And Chest Technical Video

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Competency: Intermediate Last Viewed: 21 Apr 2018 Workout:
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Sheraz Yousaf
Name: Sheraz Yousaf
Category: Gym
Search: Int, Gym, Technical, 20 Min


Sheraz is a dynamic and powerful sports man who has dedicated his career to major sporting skills and acquired a wealth of knowledge along the way.

His straight forward approach to training and working with people has made him extremely popular and a force to be reckoned with within the industry.

He has competed in natural body building competitions so is very knowledgeable about gaining muscle mass and diet. He has also achieved success as a power lifter, wining the Novice Class title, which demonstrates his level of skill in this area too. He is a trained boxer and has competed in numerous fights and brings a lot of his boxing training to us at the site, which as we know, is pretty tough.

His owns Vista Health Club based in West London and is also a contributing Personal Training Consultant to BBC Asian Network. We are delighted that Sheraz takes time out from his extremely busy life to come and give you  classes that are really aimed at our tougher, stronger client base.

  • What drives Sheraz?

    I try to achieve excellence in anything I work at and I try to instil this in my clients and people that pay for my services. I look to achieve the best result in the most efficient way.

  • Why is fitness important to Sheraz?

    There is no peace of mind without sound health, so for me being fit and strong and happy with my physique is an important part of making my life feel complete.

  • Sheraz’s tips

    * Be consistent in your exercise all year round – don’t keep starting a stopping.
    * Don’t allow exercise to dominate your life – make it fit in with your existing lifestyle.
    * Take advice from someone qualified with experience who has already achieved what you want to.

  • Proudest moments

    Winning and gaining recognition in competition as a body builder, weight lifter and boxer


This is the technical workout video to demonstrate correct technique, posture and range of motion. It also demonstrates how to use the equipment that is being used in the main exercise workout. The type of exercise in this workout is best suited to those with access to gym equipment.


  • Sophie Davis

    Sophie Davis

    Carlos, we are in the process of uploading some sample videos for these videos. In the meantime click on any of Sheraz's other videos and you will see a sample video that you can watch that will help.

    12 September 2012 14:49

  • Carlos Vargas

    Carlos Vargas

    Sorry for writing a comment in this section. I just couldn't figure out where to ask my question and I'm hoping you can help me. I have a new account and would like to purchase videos; but... I need to view them before I buy. Can you show me how? I want to make sure I can understand the British accent spoken by the instructor. I can understand some folks better than others.

    12 September 2012 02:36