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Mel Pennicott Fat Loss Workout Video

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Melanie Pennicott
Name: Melanie Pennicott
Category: General
Search: Int, Fat Loss, 60 Min


We are extremely grateful that Mel is here to give us such great classes as only a few years ago Mel was in a near fatal motorcycle accident . It is a rather sober thought but, she was told by her Doctors, that no one had ever survived from the injuries she incurred. Her fitness meant she recovered in three months which we all agree is an incredible and inspiring testimony to the saying “fitness for life”.

Mel is a fighter and she works hard at what she loves doing in and around London based clubs and leisure centres. “I have always had a belief and a strong passion for exercise. I believe that if you are physically strong then it can help your mental state and give you mental ammunition to deal with life.”

Mel used to live in Gambia where she owned her own gym which was very successful. She came back to London several years ago to peruse a freelance career and is a popular and sought after teacher. 

“The beauty of being able to help and see others transform their bodies as well as their lives through exercise is what really motivates me.”

  • Mel’s tips

    * A pint of cold water can increase metabolism for half and hour. The process of your body warming the water makes you burn calories.
    * Your metabolic rate is highest in the morning. If you have breakfast your 4 x less likely to be overweight than someone who doesn’t eat breakfast.
    * Weight bearing exercises strengthens your bones which can help prevent osteoporosis.

  • Proudest moments

    Surviving a motorcycle accident. Owning my own gym in Gambia


Mel's fat-loss class is an excellent, tough workout video which will keep you moving with simple moves logically linked together. This class will help you to get fitter, lose stomach fat, is the perfect complement to a weight loss diet and as we know fitness is the key to looking and feeling great. This workout will help burn a good few calories as well.

Mel's energy and fun always ensure all her classes are packed, so get your trainers and enjoy!

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  • Amanda Marques

    Amanda Marques

    This is a really good workout. Simple to follow and can be quite intense if you want it to be.

    22 October 2012 08:19

  • Melanie Pennicott

    Melanie Pennicott

    Hi Ilona, I will be in again soon. Thank you for your comments and let me know if there is anything in particular you would like in the next sessions I do. We have already had a request for dyno-band conditioning, what else? Mel

    11 April 2009 23:00