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Lucy Case High BMI Next Step

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Lucy Case
Name: Lucy Case
Category: High BMI
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Lucy taught her first classes, when she was in her late teens, for college students whilst dancing as a hobby at the Pineapple Studios in Covent Garden. However, she rejected a career in fitness, in favour of an artistic career and went on to become an animator and graphic designer for TV. It was only later in life that she finally came back to dance and fitness, qualified as a teacher and then as a Personal Trainer. She now runs her own successful business the Body Fitness Company.

Lucy is passionate about dance and fitness and believes strongly that it should be accessible to everyone.

  • Lucy's tips

    * Don’t spend hours in the gym working half-heartedly; work for shorter periods but at a higher intensity.
    * Every morning do 25 press-ups, 50 curls, 50 reverse curls and 60 oblique twists, whatever else happens that day, you will know you have done your abs!!!
    * Avoid all white flour foods.

  • Proudest moment

    MA (RCA), BA Hons (Middlesex Polytechnic), Director The Body Fitness Company, my four children.


We are extremely proud of its dedication to bringing fitness workout videos which we hope offer our clients of all sizes, ages and abilities a chance to develop and grow in their own unique way.

Lucy works with Katie here to demonstrate that video workouts for larger clients need to be modified slightly but that fun can still be had. Remember our Introduction To Fitness workout videos are also an excellent way to immerse yourself gently in learning different moves from scratch.

Watch out for other High BMI classes and also our Sit Fit range of classes designed for those who find standing up for long periods of time difficult.


  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi SueHaven't heard from you for a are you doing? are you still doing these type of sessions and enjoying them? Drop me a line.....Lucy

    21 June 2009 04:21

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    I love this workout. It works everything.-Cardio,arms,legs,stretches,some ab work so it was great to do.

    25 January 2009 00:09

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hello! Just done High BMI 2 and its a nice progression on from Intro Fit. I can really relate to what Katie said in that starting to do an exercise plan is the hardest at the beginning to get going and even though,for me,I have to push myself to workout daily it is actually getting easier to motivate myself and I'm actually enjoying working out more and I look foreward to do the sessions-so its a positive turn around. Peace and joy, Caroline

    02 January 2009 17:07

  • Lucy Case

    Lucy Case

    Hi Caroline, I agree Katie did very well in the video. Having chatted with Katie I know she is now hooked on her work out routines, fitting them in with running her own business. The benefits of exercising of course are that as the body adapts to the pressures placed on it, it responds and becomes stronger both in terms of strength but in its capacity to move for longer periods of time. Your dedication to intro-fit will be preparing to join you into classes like this and any of our beginner level conditioning classes. Lucy

    10 December 2008 07:20

  • Caroline West

    Caroline West

    Hi,I just watched the 5minute short video of High BMI2 with Katie in it and I think she looks fab on this workout,she looked like a real pro at getting all the choreogrphy moves done so well!!-I would love to get to the stage she is at where I can fully get through a longer workout as well. I was just wondering how effective Katie finds incorperating exercise into her daily life? and how much better she is feeling after doing her workouts? On the whole I found it a truly insperational video and I look forward to doing the class with her and Lucy once I've completed my Intro Fit series-good on you Katie and I wish you all the best in reaching your workout goals!! Peace and good health to you,Caroline!

    01 December 2008 09:19